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Light Pollution and Property Display

Written by Estate Agent Networking UK on - Marketing -

Pollution of every kind is coming under ever greater scrutiny from consumers, the media and national and local government, and light pollution may become the next area for debate and increased intervention. Will this affect estate agents and their displays? Anecdotal evidence from Europe suggests a hardening of attitudes is impacting in some places and […]


5 Power Tips for Killer Blog Writing Results

Written by Christopher Walkey on - Marketing -

The internet is a busy old virtual world from websites to Tweets, where ever you turn it is crowded and you have to work harder than ever to make sure you get your content seen. Here are five simple yet highly effective tips for blog writing which will help you to increase your views and […]


Is there a future for traditional estate agents?

Written by Jerry Lyons on - Marketing -

If you are a traditional estate agent I’ve come across a survey and report, you must read. I say ‘must’ in a pushy way as the report from Rix & Kay Solicitors LLP is in my opinion essential reading for estates agents who are worried about the threat from online only agents. It could very […]


The Perry Power Story – Part 3

Written by Christopher Watkin on - Marketing -

Perry Power is considered by many to be one of the UK’s leading ‘young forward thinking estate agents’ … and now he tells his story in this three part documentary.


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