Is there a future for traditional estate agents?

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If you are a traditional estate agent I’ve come across a survey and report, you must read.

I say ‘must’ in a pushy way as the report from Rix & Kay Solicitors LLP is in my opinion essential reading for estates agents who are worried about the threat from online only agents.

It could very well end up being the read that saves / secures your agency’s future.

It’s titled Can Traditional Estate Agents Continue to Thrive in the Brave New Digital World.

Granted it’s not the catchiest name for a report but trust me – it’s a good piece of work.

Now, I want to be crystal clear that I wasn’t involved in the writing of this report. I discovered it when reading my local chamber of commerce’s magazine.

And it’s not your usual 8 pages of fluff.

This is 64 pages of detailed analysis and advice and features a survey of 60 agencies in the south east of England.

It’s very good.

Topics covered include:

Why traditional agents need to clearly differentiate their offer to that of their online rivals. And how they can do it.

How traditional agents can use technology and innovation just as much as their online competitors.

Why traditional agents win hands down when it comes to the art of negotiation and sales progression and why this needs to be publicised more skilfully.

Alternative business models’ traditional agents could consider in the future.

And loads more useful information, ideas and insights, plus the responses from agents surveyed are interesting.

It’s a very useful piece of thought leadership and clever content marketing by Rix & Kay.

The proof is in the reading so if you want me to send over a copy just ping me an email at – saying – ‘Yes please Jesmondo.’

Thanks for reading and here’s to your next instruction.


Author: Jerry Lyons


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